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Company Profile

Ashley Hicks Furniture is a British Furniture Design company based in London that distributes beautifully crafted furniture worldwide. We offer the elegance of traditional furniture combined with the simple, uncomplicated lines of modern design, allowing each piece to sit effortlessly in harmony within any interior.

We manufacture all joinery in UK workshops enabling us to offer clients the quality and choice only achievable through British craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Having our items constructed in the UK does come at a cost, however we believe that our furniture will stand the test of time and our products can pass down from generation to generation.

Ashley Hicks Furniture still offers the benefits of a small company ethos offering a tailored experience when ordering our furniture. We understand the time and thought that goes into choosing a new piece of furniture for your home and we are on hand at every step to enable you to obtain a piece of luxury which you will cherish for many years to come.

Feel free to browse our furniture collection or our press pages to see what people think of our designs.