We manufacture all joinery in UK workshops enabling us to offer clients the quality and choice only achievable through British craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Our craftsmen have many years of experience and can be called on to embrace clients wishes. Ashley Hicks Furniture still offers the benefits of a small company ethos offering a tailored experience when ordering our furniture. We understand the time and thought that goes into choosing a new piece of furniture for your home and we are on hand at every step enabling you to obtain a piece of luxury which you will cherish for many years to come.


Our processes range from hand worked joinery, to the lost wax process. Having our joinery hand worked enables us to offer intricate designs and custom detail that an automated machined methods would not allow. Our workshops are based in London, Oxford and the Midlands. The lost wax process is a technique which dates back to 3000BC. We use this process as it enables us to reproduce fine intricate texture on our ironmongery. Each handle is made to order enabling us to offer the client a very wide range of finishes including bronze, gold and silver. Sand casting forms much of the distinctive aspects of Ashley Hicks Designs. The procedure enables us to manufacture single castings or batch production for large orders. If you look closely at some of our casting you can see the imprint of the sand grains on the leg. We love this artisan finish to our pieces and feel it gives our designs intricate detail that much modern furniture lacks.


Having our manufacture here in the UK enables to offer the client choice. The client can choose the size, finish and colour of many of our pieces. This choice does not always come with a long lead time, some items can be manufactured within 2-3 weeks.

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