Terms and Conditions

In these terms the following words shall have the following meanings:

“the company” shall mean Ashley Hicks Furniture Ltd.
“the goods” shall mean the products, articles, services or things or components thereof offered for sale by the Company
“the Customer” shall mean the corporate entity, firm or person seeking to purchase the goods from the Company

1. All orders are placed and accepted by the Company under these terms and conditions.

2. These terms and conditions exclude any other terms and conditions inconsistent therewith which the Customer may seek to impose even though such other terms and conditions may be submitted in a later document and / or purport to exclude or supersede any terms and conditions inconsistent with them or may be contained in any other offer acceptance or counter offer made by the customer.

3. No variation of these terms and conditions will be accepted unless expressly accepted by an authorised signatory of the Company in writing.

4. Quotations may be withdrawn at any time.

5. Any order given in respect of a quotation must state the quotation reference and date.

6. An offer to purchase the goods orally must be confirmed in writing and state “confirmation of verbal order”.

7. The customer shall not be entitled to cancel the contract or goods without written agreement with the Company, and in the event of any such cancellation the Customer shall indemnify the Company fully against any expenses incurred up to the time of any such cancellation.

8. All prices quoted are subject to Value Added Tax at the appropriate tax rate.

9. Payment for the goods shall be made on or before the date fixed in accordance with the terms stated by the Company and agreed between the Company and the Customer for the operation of the account between them.

10. In the event that payment shall not have been made by the such date the Company shall be entitled to recover from the Customer interest on the outstanding balance at the rate of 8% above the base rate of Lloyds TSB for the time being in force for the period from such date until date of payment.

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